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2015/03/24 13:43

After debugging a stack overflow caused by a weird class loader, I decided to make the runtime more robust against this and as a side effect I added the ability to disable eager class loading. This in turn made it easier to test the late binding infrastructure (which is used when a class is not yet available while a method is compiled) and that ...

2015/03/14 20:19

On Mac OS X, application signing entitlements enforce client-side constraints on non-AppStore (or non-Apple-distributed) applications. This is used, for instance, to prevent a non-AppStore application from using the MapKit APIs.

2015/03/10 19:26
For detecting small altitude changes, reading the barometric altitude, or for just detecting changes in pressure, you may want to use a pressure sensor. The Bosch BMP-180 is a very reasonably priced one, which is accessed over I2C. There are several nice breakout boards available from Adafruit.featuring the BMP-180. There is, for example, one featuring […]
2015/03/03 20:14
The latest version of Java Mission Control was released a few moments ago, together with Oracle Java SE 8u40. It’s a minor release; most of the development is taking place in the upcoming major version of JMC, but there are nevertheless some interesting features and fixes in this release. I have selected a few of […]
2015/03/02 18:19

[This article was submitted by Hannes Wallnöfer of the Nashorn team]

2015/03/27 08:05
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