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2016/03/25 15:14
2016/03/25 02:14
I recently saw a question on Stack Overflow regarding recording JMX data into JFR. I proposed that one could use JFR Java API to record MBean attributes, but I realized I never did a blog post on dynamic events. So this blog post will be about dynamic JFR event generation, and how to write a configurable […]
2016/03/12 07:37
2016/02/15 11:54
Like every new GCC release, GCC6 introduces a lot of new useful warnings. My favorite is still -Wmisleading-indentation. But there are many more that have found various bugs. Not all of them are enabled by default, but it makes sense to enable as many as possible when writing new code. Duplicate logic In GCC6 -Wlogical-op […]
2016/02/14 18:52
One of the common formulations of determinism is (quoting from Wikipedia) A world that satisfies this definition of determinism can evolve in only a single way over time. This definition is stonger than merely saying that the event's causes are necessary, sufficient, or even necessary and sufficient. To see why that is so, I will demonstrate a series of model worlds each of which ...
2016/02/12 18:15
So, this is quite old news. Well, 8 weeks to be precise. Not to mention that it really has nothing to do with Java or programming. That said, I felt I should put something here on the blog. The 12th of December Malin (my wife) gave birth to two healthy babies: Sebastian and Julia. The […]
2016/02/02 15:36
A package is more than a binary – make it observable Introduction I gave a presentation at Fosdem 2016 in the distributions developer room. This article is an extended version of the slide presenter notes. You can get the original from the talk page (press ‘h’ for help and ‘p’ to get the presenter view […]
2016/03/25 15:45
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