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2014/12/12 13:10
2014/12/08 17:41
2014/12/08 08:00

What features should be in scope and out of scope for a Beans specification v2.0?

2014/12/05 15:33
So, recently I came across some lovely JMC related quotes and articles. The first one is regarding the allocation profiling in JFR and how it does not affect scalarization (stack local allocation of objects): “Java Mission Control is my current favourite profiler for the Oracle JVM.” This tweet was heart warming too: Not to […]
2014/12/02 22:34

Taken at lovely Gillette Stadium; possibly amusing to synchronization practitioners. "Easy exit" sounds interesting as well.

2014/12/02 13:52

The first release candidate is available. It can be downloaded here or from NuGet.

2014/12/01 13:42

With the fixes I did in the snapshot released on October 29, it is now possible to run Minecraft on IKVM.NET (on Windows). To be clear, I'm talking about the Minecraft client, not the server that has been running on IKVM.NET for a long time.

2014/11/28 09:39

Have you ever read the JavaBean (TM) specification? It really is from another era!

2014/12/21 06:05
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