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2017/10/10 12:39
So JavaOne 2017 has now come and gone. This year it was a pretty great one! The Java keynote was IMHO the best one in years, with plenty of great announcements and interesting content. The sessions I managed to attend were also very high quality. Not to mention the dinners and the parties. One of […]
2017/09/22 17:00
This post will be a little bit wider than the title implies; it will be about using the JMC core JFR APIs in general. That said, one of the things we will be using it for, towards the end, will be to run the JMC 6 automated analysis headless. This article will also cheat by […]
2017/09/21 19:15
As you probably already know, JFR is on the road to be open sourced. The plans are being drawn, and if everything goes well, this could happen as early as in JDK 10 (JDK 18.3). No promises, and please do not give anyone a hard time if this doesn’t work out. Know that we tried. […]
2017/09/13 14:21
The Java Virtual Machine is a wonderful little piece of software. It provides the illusion of an infinite heap – as long as you stop referring to instances you no longer need, you can keep going forever. Allocate as many little temporary object as you like; you do not have to worry about running out […]
2017/09/12 15:08
So, I did a quick search for Java Mission Control and Java Flight Recorder related sessions, and these are the ones I found: Session Title Session ID Date Start Time End Time Room Distributed JVM Monitoring and Profiling Made Simple CON6836 2017-10-03 (Tuesday) 8:30 9:15 Moscone West – Room 2022 The Art of Performance Tuning […]
2017/09/12 00:43
Though I feel truly honored to be one of the Featured Speakers at the JavaOne 2017 home page, I wish someone could have warned me in advance. That picture… Anyways, clicking on the link from from my little speaker square, the one saying “See all sessions from this speaker”, currently shows me as having one […]
2017/10/23 13:20
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