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2016/06/22 21:00
So several people have asked me about this very unsupported feature recently. First it came up in Google groups discussion. Then it came up again when I was helping one of the Oracle Cloud teams, and used the feature myself to modify some of the tabs to show more relevant data. And now that I […]
2016/06/21 12:43
2016/06/13 11:56
If you’ve been following Infinity and would like to, you know, download some code and try it out… well, now you can!
2016/06/03 12:54
2016/05/27 16:06
2016/05/26 21:51
A jury found that using the declaring lines of code and their structure, sequence, and organization from Java constitutes fair use. Which is a great outcome of a terrible lawsuit Oracle filed some years ago trying to destroy free java. They started by trying to be a patent troll, but when that failed they tried […]
2016/05/25 15:56
2016/05/18 13:22
I’ve released bits and pieces of Infinity over the past year, but nothing that really brings everything together. Right now I’m working on an initial full-system release of everything to do with Infinity so far. It’s codenamed “First Flight”, and you’ll be able to actually use it, see how everything hangs together, and generally get a […]
2016/05/14 14:20
We really need more Free Software for desktop users. Please consider backing the Krita 2016 Fundraiser to make text and vector art awesome!
2016/07/05 10:05
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