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2015/10/08 08:38

NetLogo is a multi-agent programmable modeling environment running for the Java platform. In addition to being a GUI program to edit and run NetLogo models, NetLogo supports Controlling API so that NetLogo can be invoked and controlled by a program running on JVM. The "controlling api" supports both GUI and 'headless' mode.

2015/10/08 04:56

This month I've released Orson PDF version 1.7, a compact and fast API for creating PDF content in Java through the standard Graphics2D API. This release features:

2015/10/03 04:54

In nashorn openjdk repository, there is a script called "fxmlrunner.js" in the "samples" directory. This script can accept any FXML file as command line argument and "run it". If that FXML file has event handlers written in (nashorn) javascript, then we can have complete runnable application without having to write any Java code!

2015/10/02 16:27
I had hoped to make a first release of i8c today but I still have one open issue so you’ll have to wait until next week. Until then here’s some note source for you to ponder: define test::factorial returns int argument int x extern func int (int) factorial swap dup load 1 bne not_done_yet return […]
2015/09/30 13:45

Dekker’s mutual exclusion algorithm made RW-safe by Peter Buhr, Dave Dice and Wim H. Hesselink appears in CCPE 2015. (Sorry, it's pay-walled).

2015/09/30 13:35

Evaluating HTM for pauseless garbage collectors in Java by Maria Carpen-Amarie, Dave Dice, Patrick Marlier, Gaël Thomas and Pascal Felber appeared in The 13th IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications (IEEE ISPA-15).

2015/09/30 07:49

I love "Exploratory Programming" ( tools. If you've not already played with "Java REPL" project, you may want to do so! Check out Kulla project.

Clone kulla forest @ and build using these commands:  ...
2015/09/26 16:19
2015/09/25 12:07
Flight recorder is most commonly used to dump the last few minutes of data. Either by doing a profiling recording for a minute or so, or by having a continuous recording which is later dumped when some anomaly was discovered using a monitoring tool, for example the JMC JMX console. Sometimes though, people bring me […]
2015/09/22 10:45
Using third-party JavaScript libraries with nashorn javascript shell. Using Nerdamer Symbolic math library with nashorn.
2015/09/15 09:59
When I said I’d never written a compiler, that’s actually a lie: I did some work on the Ceylon compiler a few years back. It wasn’t a very enriching experience but at least I know what ASTs and visitors are. Anyway, the C-like syntax I talked about Friday might have been a little optimistic. I […]
2015/09/11 13:56
Yesterday I reworked the note format to allow functions as first-class objects, and then I had an idea about how to implement the note compiler. I’d already thought I could have the compiler emit assembly to avoid having to think about endianness, but I couldn’t figure out how to do other platform-specific stuff like 32- […]
2015/09/10 12:10
Yesterday I had my first Infinity milestone. I have a glibc with notes implementing libthread_db’s td_ta_map_lwp2thr and a GDB that loads and executes them. I did a side-by-side test calling the Infinity libpthread::map_lwp2thr function every time libthread_db’s td_ta_map_lwp2thr was called and comparing the results… and it worked! You could see the DWARF if you’re interested. […]
2015/09/01 09:10

In the last article I outlined a pragmatic approach to Java 8's Optional class. In this one I'm looking at how we should name query methods that might return Optional.

2015/08/26 11:49

The first release candidate is finally available. It can be downloaded here or from NuGet.

2015/08/25 15:24
To debug live processes on modern Linux GDB needs four libthread_db functions: td_ta_map_lwp2thr (required for initial attach) td_thr_get_info (required for initial attach) td_thr_tls_get_addr (not required for initial attach, but required for “p errno” on regular executables) td_thr_tlsbase (not required for initial attach, but required for “p errno” for -static -pthread executables) To debug a corefile on […]
2015/08/25 00:24
I’m writing a replacement for libthread_db. It’s called Infinity. Why? Because libthread_db is a pain in the ass for debuggers. GDB has to watch for inferiors loading thread libraries. It has to know that, for example, on GNU/Linux, when the inferior loads then GDB has to locate the corresponding into itself and use […]
2015/10/09 04:50
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