Planet JDKNews and views from the Java SE Development-Kit CommunityVariousJeroen Frijters: MethodHandle PerformanceJeroen Frijters <div xmlns=""><p> Last time I mentioned that with the integration of OpenJDK 8u45 MethodHandle performance went from awful to unusable. That was pretty literal as the JSR 292 test cases that I regularly run went from taking about 8 minutes to more than 30 minutes (when my patience ran out). </p></div> Jeroen2015-06-25T06:59:31ZDavid Dice: Accelerating Native Calls using Transactional MemoryDavid Dice <div xmlns=""><p><a shape="rect" href="">Accelerating Native Calls using Transactional Memory</a> appears in <a shape="rect" href="">WTTM 2015</a>. </p></div> Dave 2015-06-17T19:09:07ZDavid Dice: Refined Transactional Lock ElisionDavid Dice <div xmlns=""><p><a shape="rect" href="">Refined Transactional Lock Elision</a> appears in <a shape="rect" href="">Transact 2015</a>. </p></div> Dave 2015-06-11T16:03:49ZDavid Gilbert: JFreeSVG 3.0David Gilbert <div xmlns=""><p>I'm happy to announce that <a shape="rect" href="">JFreeSVG</a> version 3.0 has been uploaded to SourceForge. JFreeSVG is a fast and lightweight API for creating SVG content in Java. This release features:</p></div> David Gilbert2015-06-09T16:43:05ZJeroen Frijters: New Development SnapshotJeroen Frijters <div xmlns=""><p> I integrated OpenJDK 8u45, so a new development snapshot is warranted. MethodHandle performance regressed from awful to unusable, so that's something I need to look into. </p></div> Jeroen2015-06-09T11:50:20Z