Planet JDKNews and views from the Java SE Development-Kit CommunityVariousMarcus Hirt: Using the JMC Designer ViewMarcus Hirt
So several people have asked me about this very unsupported feature recently. First it came up in Google groups discussion. Then it came up again when I was helping one of the Oracle Cloud teams, and used the feature myself to modify some of the tabs to show more relevant data. And now that I […]
A. Sundararajan: Java source name pattern checker with a nashorn scriptA. Sundararajan
Ken Fogel recently tweeted:  ...
Sundararajan-Oracle 2016-06-21T12:43:57Z
Gary Benson: Infinity Full-System Preview NOW AVAILABLEGary Benson
If you’ve been following Infinity and would like to, you know, download some code and try it out… well, now you can!
A. Sundararajan: Exploring Layers and Modules in #java9 using #nashornA. Sundararajan
Sundararajan-Oracle 2016-06-03T12:54:49Z
A. Sundararajan: Mixing #es6 arrows and #java lambdas with #nashorn in #java9A. Sundararajan
Sundararajan-Oracle 2016-05-27T16:06:33Z
Mark Wielaard: Java is Fair Game!Mark Wielaard
A jury found that using the declaring lines of code and their structure, sequence, and organization from Java constitutes fair use. Which is a great outcome of a terrible lawsuit Oracle filed some years ago trying to destroy free java. They started by trying to be a patent troll, but when that failed they tried […]
0Mark Wielaard2016-05-26T21:51:46Z
Gary Benson: Here I am casually using GDB with InfinityGary Benson
Gary Benson: Full-system Infinity preview coming upGary Benson
I’ve released bits and pieces of Infinity over the past year, but nothing that really brings everything together. Right now I’m working on an initial full-system release of everything to do with Infinity so far. It’s codenamed “First Flight”, and you’ll be able to actually use it, see how everything hangs together, and generally get a […]
Mark Wielaard: Krita 2016 FundraiserMark Wielaard
We really need more Free Software for desktop users. Please consider backing the Krita 2016 Fundraiser to make text and vector art awesome!
1Mark Wielaard2016-05-14T14:20:41Z