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I have a jam-packed schedule for JavaOne 2014. My sessions are as follows: TUT3371 Jump-Starting Lambda (Tue 30 Sep 0830 Hilton Yosemite B/C) This is my gentle introduction to lambda tutorial. Download presentation (PDF). CON3374 Lambda Q&A Panel (Tue 30 Sep 1230 Hilton Yosemite B/C) This panel session will explore the impact of Java 8 […]
Henrik Ståhl: Java SE 8 Adoption - The Big GunsHenrik Ståhl

With JavaOne underway, and lots of coverage around Java SE 8, a subject that will be on many attendees' minds is their own readiness to migrate to Java SE 8. More broadly, the Java community's adoption of the latest major release of the Java SE platform among ISVs and open source projects alike.

Henrik Stahl 2014-09-28T19:27:21Z
Marcus Hirt: Improving the Fidelity of the JFR Method ProfilerMarcus Hirt
One nice property of the JFR method profiler is that it does not require for the threads to be at safe points for stacks to be sampled. However, since the common case is that stacks will only be walked at safe points, HotSpot normally does not provide metadata for non-safe point parts of the code, […]
Henrik Ståhl: Java 8: Not Just For Developers Any MoreHenrik Ståhl

As with past Java releases such as Java 7, Java 8 was first made available through the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) to give developers adequate time for testing and certification before being made available on the website for end users to download. Java 8 has been well-received since its release in March 2014. It was followed by the JDK 8u5 and JDK 8u11 ...

Henrik Stahl 2014-09-12T06:52:33Z
Marcus Hirt: My Sessions at JavaOne 2014Marcus Hirt
So despite my recent blog of despair, I am now involved in two sessions at JavaOne 2014. Another Oracle session had to be cancelled, which allowed some room for a session on how to use the Java Flight Recorder. There will likely be a guest appearance from another Oracle team on that session too. So […]
Stephen Colebourne: Oracle RDBMS empty string and nullStephen,

The Oracle database (RDBMS) has a "wonderful quirk" - it treats null and empty string as one and the same.

2 Colebourne2014-09-07T22:53:00Z