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Lock Cohorting: A General Technique for Designing NUMA Locks appears in ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing (TOPC) Volume 1 Issue 2, January 2015. (local copy -- apologies for gzip-ed pdf but the file size exceeded Oracle blog limits).

Dave 2015-02-20T16:28:35Z
Mark Wielaard: Easy Hacks for ValgrindMark Wielaard
Last weekend I did a talk on How to start hacking on Valgrind by example at Fosdem which contain some Easy hacks for valgrind. If If you always wanted to hack on Valgrind, but haven’t yet really looked at the code yet, then this might be a nice introduction. Make sure to also read the […]
0Mark Wielaard2015-02-12T20:01:02Z
Jim Laskey: JavaScript Stored Procedures and Node.js Applications with Oracle Database 12cJim Laskey

First JavaScript engine entirery written in Java; started at NetScape in 1997 then, became an open-source Mozilla project [6]. Was for quite some time the default JavaScript engine in Java SE, now  replaced by Nashorn in Java SE 8.

jlaskey 2015-02-10T18:54:39Z
Dalibor Topić: Next Gig: NetBeans Day NetherlandsDalibor Topić
I'm looking forward to head out to Utrecht on Thursday, February 12th, to speak on JDK 9 as part of the NetBeans Day Netherlands.See you there!
Marcus Hirt: The Adafruit Ultimate GPSMarcus Hirt
This blog will provide a tiny library for communicating with the Adafruit Ultimate GPS board from Java SE Embedded. I only implemented UART communication, but it is trivial to adapt the code for use over the USB serial, should you want to. The library provides position information as well as speed, as GGA and VTG […]